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Terms & Conditions

All IT Services Business In Tech

1. Reliability and Accuracy of Information

Business In Tech provides website hosting services for payment.
Reasonable care should be taken to ensure that the information provided to Business In Tech is reliable, accurate and correct. Reasonable care is then given to accurately transcribing the information into the online format.

Business In Tech reserves the right to unconditionally refuse any requests for web hosting packages at any time. Business In Tech reserves the right to unconditionally refuse to carry out programming work it may not be qualified to undertake.

2. System Reliability

Business In Tech does not warrant that your access to any hosted web sites will be secure or uninterrupted, or remain free from hacking attempts. Business In Tech Ltd will not be liable for any loss to you resulting from you relying on the security, uninterrupted supply of information or access to the Internet sites administered and managed by Business In Tech.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the users of the accommodation sites and the property owners to finalize and confirm bookings as promptly as possible. Business In Tech cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise including, but not limited to, failure of the booking.

By the very nature of the internet, web servers may fail due to power loss, terrorism attacks, system hardware and software faults, and so on, there can be no 100% guarantee of connections to the hosted sites.
Typical general uptime in the past 15 years has been in the region of less than one – two days off line in a 365 day sample.
The Internet is a volatile system spanning many millions of global web servers and routers. There can be no guarantee of website availability. We use methods to ping the hosted websites every 5 minutes and receive email if the server is off-line. Up time is typically 99.9% for a 12 month period.

3.Accounts & Overdue Late Payments – This includes Website Hosting Services

Business In Tech issues 7 day accounts for existing customers, and these are due 7 days from the account invoice date unless they are COD.

We reserve the right to apply late fees to all accounts not paid within 14 days of the due date.

The late fee charge is applied at the rate of $500 per each 14 day period the account is late.

Accounts more than 30 days overdue are handed to our collection agency.

If the business has a full hosted site or a shopping cart development with Business In Tech your web services including all email are suspended until the outstanding amount is paid in full, and your existing website is marked with “This site is suspended & offline for account violations”
Re-establishing your hosted website after full payment of past due accounts is received will involve an additional payment of $300.00. If your account constantly is in arrears you will be asked to pay any outstanding amounts, and find a new IT consultant and website hosting solution. It is not possible to transfer domains if outstanding monies are due.

4.Website Hosting Packages & your use of the sites owned and managed by Business In Tech

A condition of your website hosting package & the continued use of these sites is that you agree not to use any site for purposes that are unlawful, deemed unethical or misleading by Business In Tech or prohibited by these terms and conditions or by other applicable rule of Australian Business Law